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Beli is a typical seaside town, known as a destination for families and camping enthusiasts. It is one of the oldest settlements on the island of Cres. It is located on a hill 130 m high, at the foot of which is a famous pebble beach with small stone houses built next to it. The historical part of the settlement is located in the center of the Tramontana forest, which hides numerous mysterious labyrinths.Beli is full of architectural pearls that were created in different historical periods. Here we will find remains from the Roman period, medieval fortifications, inscriptions in Glagolitic script and ornaments on the facades of houses.In the village there is a center dedicated to the island's greatest natural sight - the griffon vulture - the Beli Visitor Center with a recovery facility for griffon vultures. There you can learn more about the griffon vultures that are characteristic of this part of the island of Cres. 

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